anvil strategies

Helping the
good guys
do better.
Yard signs
don’t win elections.
win elections.
Ever sign a Petition
and wonder what
happened to it?
Us, too.
We don’t
do Flashy.
We do

We help the good guys do better.

We work to make sure that nonprofits and candidates have the best strategies to achieve their goals - whether they want to build their membership, win an election, maximize their social network, create lasting relationships with policymakers or just beat the bad guys. We are committed to smart, nimble work and data driven tactics. 

We don’t do flashy.

If you’re interested in getting 100,000 signatures on a petition with no plan to influence an actual policy or political outcome or want to see a video “go viral” because more YouTube views makes you happy, we’re probably not a good fit.

We guide you to real results.

Clients hire us as expert guides to navigate difficult waters on the local, state and federal level to see actual results. We have a depth of experience from years of work in statehouses, campaigns, nonprofit organizations and firms, large and small, facing tough challenges with ambitious goals.


  • Strategy & Assessment
  • Campaign Planning & Management
  • Grassroots & Grasstops Engagement
  • Public Relations and Press
  • Field Work
  • State and Federal Advocacy
  • Digital Integration

Direct Mail

In addition to our strategy, advocacy and communication work, Anvil Strategies specializes in direct mail. We help candidates and campaigns move voters through creative, innovative, data driven pieces. Our mail helps organizations, causes and campaigns move people to action to impact policy and politics. We don’t do boilerplate. We work with candidates we believe in to execute high-impact integrated communication campaigns crafted for specific candidates, communities and political environments.

We were honored to have our work recognized with a Gold Pollie for Toughest Advocacy Piece in 2013.

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